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"I want to know my neighbors, I'm not some garden gnome, why can't I make this world my home"

BAT BOY When the capture of a live bat-child made headlines in the Weekly World News, the cover story skyrocketed the popularity of that edition (second only to the infamous “Elvis is Alive!” issue), making tabloid history! Based on actual events as reported in the Weekly World News, Bat Boy The Musical begins when this bat-child is discovered in a cave in the West Virginia Hills by a few adventure-seeking teenagers. Bat Boy’s arrival rouses and transforms the sleepy southern community of Hope Falls, West Virginia as he attempts to make this quiet mountain town his home.


OPENED: March 21, 2001

CLOSED: December 2, 2001

THEATRE: Union Square Theatre 

MUSIC & LYRICS: Laurence O'Keefe 

BOOK: Keythe Farley & Brian Flemming 

DIRECTOR: Scott Schwartz 

MUSICAL STAGING: Christopher Gatelli 

SCENIC DESIGN: Richard Hoover 

COSTUME DESIGN: Fabio Toblini 

LIGHTING DESIGN: Howell Binkley 

SOUND DESIGN: Sunil Rajan 

HAIR DESIGN: Ann Closs-Farley  

Click the icon to listen to the cast album. 

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